May 12, 2017


The MATHCOUNTS Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been working with middle school students to promote excellence in mathematics for over a 30 years.  MATHCOUNTS programs involve students and teachers in year-long coaching sessions and help middle school students at all learning levels improve their problem-solving skills.

MATHCOUNTS materials are currently distributed to every middle school in the US, impacting the lives of over 250,000 US middle school students annually.

A key component of the program is the annual competition where students can progress from regional to state to national competitions.  Winners of the national competition have traditionally been honored by the President.  For those just interested in learning math in a fun environment, a club program exists at many schools.

There are eight regional competitions and two chapter competitions. Each year, the state competition is held in March and the national competition is held in May.

More Information:

Schools can register up to 10 students who will represent the school at the regional competition.  An unlimited number of students can participate in the school-level competitions, which take place in December or January, and are run by the Competition Coaches. All types of schools – public, private, charter, virtual and homeschools – are eligible to register for the Competition Series. Tutoring/enrichment centers that do not function as students’ official school of record are not eligible to register for the Competition Series.  Further information about eligibility is available in the MATHCOUNTS School Handbook.