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EIT and PE Licensure Reimbursement

As part of our commitment to fostering the P.E. profession in Virginia, VSPE reimburses individuals for successfully completing their EIT certification or P.E. licensing exam. More…


MATHCOUNTS has been working with middle school students to promote excellence in mathematics for over a 30 years. Learn more about MATHCOUNTS year-long programs, competitions, clubs - and volunteer opportunities.    More...

About VSPE

The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) was established in 1934 to realize a simple but vital goal: create an inclusive, nontechnical organization dedicated to the interests of licensed professional engineers, regardless of practice area, that would protect engineers (and the public) from unqualified practitioners, build public recognition for the profession, and stand against unethical practices and inadequate compensation.

The Virginia Society of Professional Engineers (VSPE) was established in 1936 to facilitate that goal on a statewide level.

VSPE is the only dedicated professional organization that represents and protects the rights of Professional Engineers before the state licensing board and the Virginia General Assembly. 

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PE MATTERS - March 2019

Catch up on the latest news in the March 2019 issue of PE MATTERS, including:

- Virginia Engineers Conference
- Threats to Licensure
- New Certificate Program
- 2019 Milton F. Lunch Ethics Contest Challenge

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